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Create your own texts for Perdrix TXT

Perdrix TXT supports Unicode characters (UTF-8), so you're not limited to ASCII. You can use any text editor or word processor that can save in plain text (.txt) format.

Editing rules

Separate paragraphs with a blank line. In other words, end a paragraph by hitting the Return key twice.

To make text italic, surround the text with underscores with no space at either end. For example _this is italic text_

To make an em dash (long dash), you can use the Unicode em dash character or type two successive dashes like this --

A tab will be replaced with four spaces.

You can insert curly quotes by inserting the appropriate Unicode characters, or simply by surrounding the quoted text with straight quotes with no space at either end. For example "this is quoted text". Straight quotes will be replaced by curly quotes. This works with single or double quotes.

If any of the following characters are used at the beginning of a line, a new line will be started:

  • -

  • a tab

  • a space

  • *

  • .

  • =

  • >



A title is optional. If you don't specify a title, the title will be the file name. To specify a title, type 'Title:'  followed by the title, all on its own line and near the beginning of the file. For example:

Title: Editing Rules Test Document


Markdown compatibility

Currently, Perdrix TXT supports the following Markdown syntax:

  • Paragraphs and line breaks

  • Emphasis by using underscore

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