Hunting the bugs

Dernière mise à jour : 13 févr. 2021

Using my new USB analyzer, I'll be trying to solve the known issues in the USB drivers. I investigated one issue already:

Issue: On Falcon CT60/CT63 in 060 mode, connecting a corded mouse directly

to a NetUSBee port conflicts with a USB thumb drive on the other port. Data

transfers may fail or the USB system may stop. Workaround: use a powered hub,

attach to it the mouse and drive; or use a wireless mouse.

Status: Unresolved. The analyzer does show timeouts with a corded mouse directly on the NetUSBee. They don't show when the mouse is on a hub or if a wireless mouse is used. These timeouts show on 68000, 68030 but do not cause problems. On the 68060, only one timeout showed, immediately after the mouse disconnected. It looks like the device simply disconnects. The NetUSBee host controller driver reports "FIFO not empty!" and a buffer error.

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