Work in progress: Floppy drive and HDDRIVER modules

Available now, in the latest drivers download on the USB page, are an updated storage driver that supports floppy drives, while all the other drivers can be run as HDDRIVER modules (

Some floppy drives may not work well, or work well on a computer but not another. This is due to the polling for media change. I will try a new method of detection that won't require polling.

The HDDRIVER keyboard module makes the keyboard available before HDDRIVER loads, to select a boot letter for example. More later on the storage module.

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I wrote a GEM program to format floppy discs using a USB floppy drive. See video: I need testers, as drives seem to differ quite a lot. If you have a USB floppy drive and

I put together a new package. You can download it from the USB page. What's new: Floppy disc drives are supported. Support for HDDRIVER 11 modules. Support write protection for mass storage devices. M

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