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TurboWords privacy policy

There are three versions of TurboWords:

1. Free
2. Student Edition
3. Parent/Teacher Edition

The Free and Student Edition are suitable for use by children.

  1. No personal information (name, location, contacts, photos, videos, voice) is collected, transmitted or accessed outside TurboWords Free and Student Edition. The Parent/Teacher Edition only allows for recorded words (with voice) to be transmitted by AirDrop, email, etc. to students.

  2. There are no in-app purchases in TurboWords Student Edition or Parent/Teacher Edition.

  3. In the free TurboWords, three in-app purchasing are possible:

    • Unlimited groups, which allows the user to create more than eight groups. This allows the user to try TurboWords for free, and if useful, unlimited groups can be purchased.

    • Multi-User, which allows multiple users to use TurboWords on the same device.

    • Amimo Pack, a set of three characters to use in the Spelling Test.

  4. There is no access to social media sites in TurboWords Free and Student Edition. In the Parent/Teacher Edition, it is possible to post a link to TurboWords on social media.

  5. There is no online profile or registration.

  6. There are no links to the internet, other than to our product pages on the App Store and our website. These links are behind a parental gate in the free and Student Edition versions.

  7. There are no ads.

  8. There are no collection of usage or analytics.


For questions, contact us.

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