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Send your spelling tests

TurboWords Parent/Teacher allows you to send your spelling tests to your children or students. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Choose a student. The default student is "All".

  2. In the groups screen, tap the icon at the lower left, as circled in the example screenshot on this page. 

  3. Select the group(s) you want to send. Note that TurboWords (any version) has to be installed on the receiving device(s).

  4. Press the icon at the lower left again. This will bring a menu with AirDrop, Mail, and maybe others like "Copy to Drive", "Save to Files" etc. 

  5. AirDrop is the easiest way but may not be available on older devices. Verify the AirDrop settings on the receiving device to make sure it's not off. Try to set it to "everyone". Mail is a sure way. "Save to Files" or iCloud works well with older devices, if sharing the same Apple ID. 

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