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This is the website of Claude Labelle. You will find my work for the Atari ST /TT/Falcon line of computers.

I use and program Atari as a hobby since 1982, when I bought my first computer, a 400. In 1998 I created CDwriter with Anodyne Software, followed by CDInScriptOr. The last version was in 2008. After that I made Textbook, in 2009/2010. 

Having not much ideas at the time, I switched to develop for iOS (iPhone and iPad). Perdrix TXT was based on Textbook. The initial TurboWords concept was an idea from a friend. Both aren't commercial successes, although TurboWords looks promising after many new features I introduced. 


Early 2018, the iOS venture felt too much like a business. I still used my Atari Falcon all those years. By 2011, it was a CT63 / CTPCI / Radeon / eSATA / NetUSBee / Eiffel  in a C-LAB case. I was looking for a project that I would like to do on Atari. Since I got the NetUSBee in 2007, I couldn't use the USB ports because of lack of drivers. Hence the USB Drivers development.

What will the future hold? I created a blog for what I plan to work on and report on what I'm doing.


Why Perdrix?

In my childhood, I created crossword puzzles and branded them "Perdrix" with the logo used today. Perdrix was in fact the name of an American football player at the time, with the CFL's Ottawa Roughriders.

Atari and the Atari logo are trademarks owned by Atari Interactive, Inc.

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